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The Scalar Weapons (Treachery of the Scientists)
Eight U.S. Space Rockets Were Destroyed Possibly by Soviet Tesla Lightening Weapons in the Past 19 Months; Soviet Moles inside the U.S. Government and Pro-Soviet SWcientists Prevent the U.S. from Developing New, More Effective Weapons

At one time, the late Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev attempted to intimidate the American people by saying, "We shall bury you." He also declared, "The U.S. will eventually fly the Communist red flag." Today, a considerable number of American scientists, politicians, bankers, corporate executives, etc. are strategically and actively supporting and cooperating with the Soviet Union. In short, they are providing the Kremlin with the shovel to bury the U.S.

Eight U.S. Rockets Were Destroyed in the Past 19 Months

There is clear evidence to prove that the U.S. rockets were deliberately assaulted and annihilated. The Atlas-Centaur, which blew up over Cape Canaveral, Florida, on March 26, 1987, carried a very important strategic defense very important strategic defense satellite. It was the target of a Soviet electromagnetic attack.

Beginning with the explosion of a Titun-35-D rocket in 1985, then the destruction of the space shuttle Challenger on January 28, 1986 and the demolition of the Atlas-Centaur on March 26, 1987, the U.S. has lost eight rockets in mysterious accidents. This chain of accidents is unheard of in the history of U.S. space programs. hese destroyed rockets were related to the U.S. strategic defence program.

The Washington Times of March 27, 1987 reported: "The latest devastating NASA failure cost taxpayers' $161 million. The 137-foot rocket veered off course at 14,250 feet altitude and a halfmile two Atlas-Centaurs left in NASA's inventory."

The destroyed rocket, which cost $83 million, had many functions, one of which was to provide vital strategic communication links to be used in the event of wwar. The "Fleet SatCom" satellites controlled by the U.S. Navy are used to communicate with command centers and ships at sea and with fighters and ground forces stationed around the globe. These satellites also serve as an emergency communication link between the President and the field officials posted all over the world.

This "Fleet SatCom" satellite destroyed on March 26 was part of a group of strategic military satellites which are used to replace older, wornout satellites. Generally speaking, satellites are supposed to operate for five years, but four out of the five artificial satellites that are in space at
present have been in orbit for more than five years.

The Washington Post of March 28, 1987, reported: "Of more than 2,000 rockets launched from Cape Canaveral in more than three decades, only one is known to have been hit lightning after launch."

When a bolt of lightning barely touched a Saturn V rocket, the electrical system immediately returned to normal conditions and "the Apollo 12 crew continued on their mission."

The seven consecutive U.S. space disasters intensified criticism by the American people and Congress against the space agency. However, in spite of the careful management and operation of the space agency, the Atlass-Centaur was demolished by "something like a bolt of lightning." The Washington Post of March 31, 1987 stated: "A four-stroke flash of lightning struck within two miles of the launch pad at the Cape, seconds before the rocket's steerable engines swerved 'hard cover,' pushing it off course and sending it tumbling. That flash was observed between 48 and 53
seconds after launch, at 40 millisecond intervals."

John Busse, derector of Flight Assurance at Goddard Space Flight Center, said: "Just before the rocket veered off, traveling faster than the speed of sound..., a microphone in the nose cone detected a sound that drove it 'off scale' and batteries in the Atlas first stage and the Centaur second
stage showed 'major electrical transients' of variations."

Busse also stated: "The rocket's digital computer unit then issued commands to the engines that sent the rocket tumbling out of control." Busse concluded: "There certainly are a lot of strong indications
electromagnetic phenomena are associated with the failure of Atlas-Centaur 67... it could be lightning, a vehicleinduced static charge and other things I'm not smart enough to talk about."

(NASA is aware of Soviet electromagnetic attack, but no NASA people will admit this because if they did, they could be fired by pro-Soviet elements within the U.S. government.)

The Washington Times of April 17, 1987 reported: "The fact-finding committee for the rocket disaster discovered that nine lightning strikes hit the AtlasCen5taur before it broke apart."

The odds are very slight for more than one natural lightning stroke to directly hit a rocket's tiny nose cone within a few seconds. The newspaper also reported: "Investigatiors are at a loss to explain how
the lightning strikes caused the onboard computers to send a hard-cover command issued to the Atlas booster engine and caused the rocket to mysteriously veer off course and out of control. It was as if it received a special encoded command from the ground. Natural lightning would have simply knocked out the computer and caused it to immediately lose power to some extent, but it never issues any commands to the engines."

Natural Lightning and Tesla Lightning

Man-made lightning(Soviet Scalar Weapons System) uses a technique developed by Nikola Teslar, a great Soviet scientist and inventor. As the explosion of seven U.S. rockets that has occured since August 25, 1985 shows, scalar weapons can easily destroy rockets in flight. The events related to the demolition of the Atlas-Centaur rocket which occurred on March 26, 1987 provides strong evidence of the use of Teslar-scalar weapons.

Tesla spent most of his life generating controlled lightning and any high school student couldobtain a Tesla Coil and generate lightning on an experimental scale.

Before the Soviets began to use their Tesla Magnifying Transmitters constantly in 1976, the Journal of Geophysical Reseach published an artocle written by Dr. B.N. Turman. It stated, U.S. military intelligence satellites reported sighting monster lightning bolts over the U.S.S.R. The 'superbolts' were thousands of times more power to about 10 trillion watts and total energies of more than one billion joules. Prior to these U.S. satellite sightings, the most powerful natural lightning bolts ever
recorded were only 10 billion watts and contained total energies of one million joules."

On April 12, 1978, a group of Canadian scientists associated with the Planatory Association for Clean Energy(P.A.C.E.) published that the Soviet Tesla Magnifying Transmitter at Gomel "has been known to emit alone, or in conjunction with a Riga facility-since October 14, 1976, Extremely Low
Frequency(ELF) magnetic signals at a strength of up to 40,000,000 watts."

P.A.C.E. also reported that there is a Soviet-controlled Tesla Magnifying Transmitter in the eastern part of Havana, Cuba. Immediately before August 25, 1985 when the first of the eight U.S. rockets
exploded, a group of Soviet scientists "withdrew a paper on microwave generation, which was scheduled to be presented at an international conference in Europe."

Dr. William A. Barletta of the Lawrence Livemore National Laboratory in California explained that these Soviet scientists suddently decided that their documents were classified.

Soviet Moles Inside the U.S. Government Prevent the Development of
American-made Tesla-Weapons

The thought pattern pattern of U.S. government high officials who are involved with important defense matters has perevented the development of U.S. Tesla-scalar weapons and many otherstrategic techniques.

The New York Times of April 23, 1985 stated: "A little-known technical agency in the Defense Department has assumed a pivotal role in pushing the U.S. towards revolutionary technologies that are neglected or even opposed by the military services and leading industries. It is the Defense Advanced Reseach Projects Agency, or DARPA."

"...DARPA had played a key role in developing some of the nation's most advanced technologies (ranging from cruise missiles to the futuristic weapons)."

Despite these facts, the agency has refused to develope some advanced technologies.

"Anthony R. Battista, a senior staff member of the House Committee Armed Services, said DARPA had ... sometimes been timid ... refusing to undertake some projects until they were rammed down its throat by the committee."

Senator Malcolm Wallop, one of the few partiots left in the U.S. Congress, is one of the leading supporters for the SDI programs. Senator Wallop criticized DARPA, saying, "The agency has been spending money on technologies... whose revelance to weaponry is at best tendentious, while
neglecting to develop new weapons technologies that could make a major difference in military operations."

At a 1981 lecture, Col. Bearden stated, "There are Soviet moles, in my opinion, in our intelligence communities, and one of their primary jobs is to see that this kind of technology is not allowed to be developed in the United States of America. And they have been very successful.

Surrender Mentality Is Spreading In U.S. Scientific Community

The Washington Post of May 11, 1984 reported that Frank Press who served as President Carter's science adviser said, "...the times call for a new type of interaction with Soviet scientists... one based on cooperation by outstanding working scientists in the forefront in 'nonsensitive' fields of science in which the two countories are tje most advanced in the world." Since a large number of leading ultra-liberal politicians and scientists are active in providing the Soviets with the latest U.S. advanded
technology, there is a fierce controversy over the real meaning of "highly important scientific fields."

The New York Times of November 4,1985 stated: "More than 1,600 scientists and nearly 1,200 graduate students have pledged to reject research funds for work related to the Regan Administration's plan for a space-based missile defense system..." The newspaper continued: "The organizersb said they hoped to discourage scientists from accepting reserch funds from the Government program intended to develop techniques and devices to destroy enemy missiles before they could hit the United States." "The campaign has been particularly successful in physics departments... More than half of the physicists at 23 institution have signed a pledge not to accept reserch funds under the U.S. SDI missile defense program. Among the institutions are Cornell, Columbia, Harvard, the Univ. of Illinois, Stanford..."

The New York Times also reported that science granduate students of 90 universities participated in this pro-Soviet campaign to block the development of the SDI. Extensive activities of these U.S. scientists are a horrifying threat to U.S. survival. The mentality of surrender and appeasement to the Soviets has spread far and wide among U.S. technical specialists who have vital knowledge about the U.S. defense. The New York Times of July 1, 1985 stated that many U.S. and Soviet scientists who "work in military laboratories" are holding meetings to exchange information and ideas regarding scientific research and development.

Dr. Theodore B. Tailor, a retired American nuclear bomb physicist, explained the U.S.-Soviet scintists' meetings, "On one level here are two sets of scientists sharing a sense that they are both working on weapons for the same reason... And they feel friendly... There's a sense of camaraderie. It's a matter of shared experience."

U.S. Scientists Support Soviet Efforts to Dig America's Gra

A large number of U.S. scientists are actively working in order to help the Soviets order to help the Soviets develop their technologies. The Soviets use the technology developed by U.S scientists in the development of their latest weapons system.

Dr. Andre Gsponer, the director of the Geneva-based Independent Scientist Institute made the following comments on the U.S.-Soviet scientific cooperation. "American and Soviet arms reserchers are secretly working at Cern, the 6,000-person European Laboratory for particle physics, which is just outside Geneva, Switzerland."

The New York Times stated: "Collaborations between weapons scientists of East and West extend to powerful particle accelerators." Some scientists comment that "these atom-smashers are 'a potential tool for the development of a powerful beam weapon."

The New York Times reported: "One focus of military interest in Cern is antimatter, according to Dr.Gsponer.  The laboratory now has the most powerful machine in the world for producing antimatter particles, which are identical to reqular particles of matter in mass and spin but have the
opposite electrical charge.  The military's interest stems from the great energy released when particles of matter collide with those of matter... Reactions between matter and antimatter produce a complete liberation of huge energy... Antimatter weapons for the destruction of enemy missiles and
warheads were one of the possibilities cited by an early Pentagon inquiry on creating a U.S. shield against incoming missiles."

A group of U.S. scientists joined their Soviet counterparts at a special antimatter weapons conference held at Tigness-Savuie, France, in January, 1985.  Among the U.S. participants were some reseachers from the U.S. "Los Alamos Weapons Laboratory."

The New York Times of January 20, 1987 reported: "When matter and antimatter particles collide, they are transformed into pure energy, mainly in the form of gamma rays. The process liberates all the latent energy the
particles contain and is many times more efficient than that power of atomic and hydrogenbombs."

The Soviet Union is now developing antimatter weapons for mass destruction through secret reseach - all with the assistance of U.S. scientists - facts of which the average person is ignorant.