voyager travers 16 wormholes et 7 rebondissements
travel through 16 wormholes and 7 twists

Farscape :  16 wormholes , 7 min 7 s



Unrealized reality and time !



Unrealized Reality


John : (sulkily, from where he sits on his side of the diminishing tip of the iceberg, refusing to look at the blackhole-eyed man) Why don't you just grab anyone that goes wormholing and be done with it?

blackhole-eyed man : (subdued and weary, his gaze is fixed, rather imploringly, on John from across the short expanse of water that separates them) Simply the effort to encounter you was massive. We - can no more function in your realm than you in ours. Which is why the Ancients were important to us.

John : So modify more of your people and send them over.

blackhole-eyed man : The endeavor - is in hand. Requires time for metamorphosis. Have you truly chosen to help prevent aggressive species from acquiring this knowledge?

John : (flatly) As a career? No.

blackhole-eyed man : We have little time. And there is much - you need exposure to. (the iceberg shudders violently)

John : What's happening?

blackhole-eyed man : I must soon - reenter my realm.

John : And what happens to me?

blackhole-eyed man : If you have learned enough to survive - reinsertion to the wormhole. Now pay attention! And listen s-sagaciously. From every point of entry - a wormhole branches into multiple paths. The subdivision continues until...

DK : The subdivision continues until at length you are deposited back into space/time.

blackhole-eyed man : …at last you are deposited back into space-time.

LadyScientist : The journey can be random, or with purpose.

blackhole-eyed man : The journey can be random, or with purpose.

FormerTeacher : Destination - is the key.

DK : Every portal has a distinct space/time signature.

Caroline : The only destinations you can realize by design are those of which you have foreknowledge.

RevMiller : Those of which you have foreknowledge.

Caroline : The more you travel—

LadyScientist : The more you travel, the more signatures you will catalogue.

Caroline : Our Ancients have given you the ability to recognize these subtle differences.

CousinSue : These subtle differences.

DK : Since every destination is surrounded by similar unrealized realities...

LadyScientist : Unrealized realities...

FormerTeacher : The closer you travel...

DK : The more you must maintain...

RevMiller : Absolute engrossment.

DK : Absolute engrossment.

CousinSue : And never return to a...

Caroline : To a familiar place prior...

OldCoach : Prior to the last...

FormerTeacher : Last time you left.

RevMiller : The last time - you left.

DK : Prior to the last time you left.

Caroline : Your next journey may lead to a permanent…

FormerTeacher : To a permanent unrealized...

DK : Unrealized reality.

RevMiller : Reality.


DK : Since every destination is surrounded by similar...

LadyScientist : .Unrealized realities...

OldCoach : The closer you travel…

LadyScientist : The closer you travel...

DK : The more you must maintain absolute...

CousinSue : The closer you travel, the more you must maintain...

Caroline : The more you must maintain absolute engrossment.

CousinSue : Absolute engrossment.

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